Sex Education Season 2 Review: A Bingeworthy Netflix Show

Will they? Won’t they! That’s the question that plagued all of us who were eagerly waiting for Season 2 of Sex Education.

Sex Education Season 2 cast: Asa Butterfield, Gillian Anderson, Ncuti Gatwa, Emma Mackey
Sex Education Season 2 creator: Laurie Nunn
Sex Education Season 2 rating: 2.5 stars

The Netflix series, Sex Education 1 was brilliant and incisive, as it took us into the uncharted world of teenage sexual escapades without making it feel like Biology 101. It was fun to watch teenagers talk to one another about ‘it’, as they deal with other high school shenanigans. In the last season of Sex Education our hero Otis Millburn getting together with Ola, while Maeve Wiley, who is expelled from Moordale High, watched heartbroken.

And that’s where the new season picks up.

We see Otis and Ola fumbling along their relationship, with attempts to make out, and at the same time realising that their respective parents — Otis’s mom Dr Jean Millburn and Ola’s dad Jakob— are dating. “You are dating my girlfriend’s dad. I was just starting to feel like a normal teenager and now you go and make me feel like a freak again,’’ says an exasperated Otis, to his mum, girlfriend and her dad.

New characters & twisted plots

Season 2 carries forward the same pace and energy as the first season. Riding on the possibility of a chlamydia outbreak, Otis’s mum — for those of who you forgot, is a famous sex therapist — is brought on board by the school to advise on the current sex education curriculum. Her arrival puts a dent into the clientele of Otis, who is the resident sex expert.

At times it feels that there is too much happening this season. We see new characters, like Rahim, Eric’s new, exotic French boyfriend, and backstories come to the fore.

There are some standout moments in this season, without a doubt, like when Otis realises that he is turning into his dad, or when Jean has an epiphany that she actually might just like being in a relationship. And when Maeve has her coming-of-age moment and shines with confidence. Gillian Anderson as Jean, is her usual brilliant self, as she deals with her teenage son and overtly hormonal friends. Asa Butterfield as Otis is a treat to watch, as he oscillates between an attention-seeking selfish teenager and an understanding son in jumping to his mother’s defense before a packed hall.

If nothing else watch the show for its brilliantly curated soundtrack, it will make you nostalgic instantly.


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