iHappify Appoints Sid Srivastava Head Of Training & Development

CORPORATE WORLD:  iHappify has appointed Sidharth ‘Sid’ Srivastava as their new head of training and development. The fledgling company is making waves in South African Telecom, Development and Training industry by creating happiness and providing quality sales services

Srivastava is no stranger to the South African sales industry, the India-born self professed “door knocker” has made South Africa his home for two decades already. With his veteran sales knowledge, Srivastava aims to add value to iHappify’s core business.

 “I am pleased to have Sid as part of the team here at iHappify. His view and understanding of life fits directly into the iHappify vision, based on happiness and human connection. I am sure that he will be a valuable asset to our staff and an asset to our clients,”

David Johnathan Padayachee, iHappify’s founding Director.

Srivastava believes South Africa has an abundance of exciting potential and is keen to contribute to not only our economy but developing and empowering youth through his unique training and development style.

“I believe it’s a mad world and that is exciting in itself as the potential for human development is critical not only in South Africa but our species as a whole.”

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Always looking for a challenge and opportunity to share his philanthropic sales training model, Sid said he knew from the moment he met David Jonathan Padayachee, founder and Director of iHappify that he had found his purpose.  “I asked him what do you do? To my surprise his reply was: I sell happiness. I knew exactly what was missing in my teachings and that was how to create happiness, because happiness is what is lacking in our society and happiness is what we need to sell. My vision is aligned with iHappify’s  7 values which we call our 7 principles of happiness: Choose Happiness and radiate it, Love with Your Soul, Replace fear-motivated behaviour with Love motivated behavior,  Live In Gratitude, Think Give, Smile,  Be passionate and loyal.

The passionate go-getter left his native India and destiny of following in his father’s footsteps to become a medical doctor to study business abroad in Dublin, to find his passion.  “Being stubborn, choosing my own path, and being true to myself made it possible for me to succeed in my profession. These traits also helped me find my passion.

Even when he was studying, Sid admits he was money-driven. “I started working for a direct sales company, our division in Dublin sold charity contracts for Oxfam. In 2000 at the age of 19, I started selling door-to- door but never saw sales as a job. The experience of being able to connect with people became my passion, and that experience is the “why” in my professional life.

In a very short time, he developed a passion and love for the experience which allowed him to interact with people from all walks of life. His belief is that sales is not based on the products or prices but rather on emotions. He took that experience to Universal Group in England and every other company he worked at or founded.

“Certain moments in life alter your outlook. They prepare you for the journey that lies ahead and how to deal with the highs and lows, the good and the bad, sadness and happiness, and all the positives and negatives life has to offer. I do not refer to working for Universal Group as work; it was an education about life.”

Sid has worked in and started up successful businesses in South Africa however still considers his career highlight to be his failures, “because without those failures my  journey in pursuit of humanity would have not been possible,” he added. 

Sid has also published a book, Human Connexion: Method to Madness where he shares his experiences honestly, not to just highlight his success or failures but to connect with people on a human level. 

“I wrote this book to share my knowledge of sales. At the same time, I set out to help all, including myself, figure out how to deal with the daily pressure of our personal problems and find a way to balance both our professional and personal lives as well as how to enjoy life.”

“My advice to anyone who wants to pursue a career in sales is this: do it with passion and your career is not a means to an end. It is essential to be yourself and listen to your gut!”

ABOUT: iHappify a young company making waves in South Africa’s Telecom, Development and Training industry  by specializing in creating happiness and providing quality sales services has appointed Sidharth ‘Sid’ Srivastava as their new head of training and development.

iHappify was established in 2017 and is passionate, expanding happiness and the development of South African youth through empowering educational solutions, with a reliable links between  clients and customers through excellent customer service and sales.

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