Hottest Online Items of 2019: Apparel, Electronics, and Sex Toys in India

Here’s the definitive list of the best online sellers in India last year, and what it means for 2020.

E-commerce in India is a booming business for sure, with over 730 million internet users online nationwide, virtual shopping has become one of the top industries. This business is only expected to keep expanding, with an estimated 23% growth by 2021, and nearly a quarter of all internet users transacting online this year. 

This means an estimated $34 billion in revenue is to be expected of online business in 2020. Which has many retailers scrambling to get a piece of this digital pie. While this works out well for techno-savvy companies, it also works out fantastically well for the consumer. Giving them more options when it comes to a price point, inventory, and convenience. 

  • Sex Toys 

Since 2010, Adult Products India has been supplying sex toys in India to a loyal customer base. “In the last few years, we’ve seen a really impressive increase in our online sales.” The company admits that this may be partially due to a growing acceptance of the use of sex toys in India, but with more people online than ever, sales have soared. The company also notes that they have noticed an increase in the sales of toys designed exclusively for women. In 2015, only 20% of Indian women comprised the bulk of online purchasing, but projections set that number at a much more impressive 42% in 2020. 

  • Apparel

Online apparel shopping has blown up, almost across the board. What makes online shopping for apparel so incredibly attractive for many Indians, is it allows them the chance to find unique and interesting pieces that they would otherwise not be able to have in their wardrobes. Fashion is making a massive impact on younger Indians, with a wider variety of styles and trends available online, they no longer have to travel very far to get the pieces they most want. Footwear and accessories are also making the lurch towards big revenue, as retailers begin to combine these items with their available clothing selections. 

  • Electronics

Consumer electronics- from cellphones to video games, appliances, and more, this industry has seen a massive influx of online ordering in 2019, and experts only expect the number to go up. Big online retailers like Amazon, Snapdeal, and Flipkart suggest that they’ve sold over 5 million units of smartphones alone in the past two years. With lightning-fast turnover, older technologies are being outmoded by faster and better models, which means an even higher rate of consumption is needed to stay on the cutting edge of consumer electronics. Making this particular market completely unstoppable. 

  • Health Products

New Year, new you! Health, beauty, and food markets always look to do some serious business in the new year, but for all of these categories and their associated products- the fast-paced convenience of online shopping has brought these products to all-time highs. Modern trends love a good diet or workout plan, not to mention detoxifying drinks and rejuvenating tinctures. Online grocery delivery services take the danger out of solo travel for women India, because you can get your food delivered right to your door. The ease of acquirement coupled with the no-nonsense mailable meal plans have the health and beauty sector of online retail on fire. 

  • Handmade Items

The internet has also made some loopholes for niche and often forgotten goods. Where pages like Etsy and Craftsvilla are offering handmade items delivered to you through the mail and ordered online. They also often ship these items worldwide, so just about anyone can get their hands on one-of-a-kind merchandise that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. These types of bespoke items range anywhere from jewelry to entire furniture sets. So get ready to go exploring. 

  • Home Furnishings

Just like with sex toys in India, there is a shift away from traditional tastes as the nation moves towards more modern interests. Home furnishings and decor items are no exception. While there are still strong cultural influences, Indians are starting to become even more fashionable when it comes to the decor of their homes. With websites offering all kinds of modern, contemporary, and even vintage feature pieces that are perfect for whatever theme consumers are looking to create. This industry alone has seen a nearly 7% growth rate annually for the last several years with no signs of stopping. 

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