VIDEO: Emotional Teen Breaks Down Revealing Schoolyard Bullying

A TikTok video of an emotional school learner speaking out against school yard bullying has gone viral.

DURBAN: The video posted on Facebook page Here’s Why I Am Mad Today has the Grade 12 learner expressing the hurt and anger she has bottled inside of her.

As she explains the bullying she has had to endure over her entire schooling life, she breaks down unable to hold back the tears.

Abusive behaviour in schools, intentionally disrespecting fellow learners on social media and bullying has is social epidemic affecting schools across the country. This leads to adverse effects on a child’s mental and emotional health amongst other health issues.

The video post has received hundreds of messages of ordinary South Africans sharing messages of positivity and others wanting to contribute to a ‘day out’ for the learner.


The dangers of bullying

Research has indicated that the affect of bullying has significant short and long-term psychological and emotional impact on both victim and perpetrator. Victims of bullying suffer poor mental and physical health, more symptoms of anxiety, depression; feeling sad, being loneliness; vomiting; sleep disturbance; nightmares; body ache; a headache; abdominal pain, and frequent illnesses.

This, in turn, increases students’ absenteeism either from direct physical or indirect psychological impact. The victims of bullying must always be reminded that it’s not their fault.

You are not the only one. You will find your people. And while you look for your tribe, there are people out there who will listen and can help.



If you or someone you know needs help contact The South African Depression And Anxiety Group (SADAG)

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  1. Yes I also agree , this is sad 😢, lots of to this beautiful girl ,, let me tell you some love big eyes , if there’s a way to blow up eyes , it will be done , cause they blowing up everything else girl , Just love yourself don’t worry about them idiots
    and If I can help in any way , please feel to do so contact me !!