OPINION: Why Liverpool F.C Trumps Your Team

Mo Salah is GQ’s Man of The Year for 2019. Image source: GQ Middle East

If you are visiting this story on Indian Spice this tells us you’re certainly are passionate about Premier League Football. The next thing we know is that you, either love to hate Liverpool F.C or you never walk alone.

Liverpool striker, Mo Salah unleashed his fury in 2019 taking Liverpool F.C to victory in the 2019 FIFA Club World Cup. Salah then swooped the Golden Ball award for Player of the Tournament as well. This arguably is pretty much a strong indication that there is going to be an even bigger ballsy show from the Liverpool F.C striker again in 2020.

Reasons why Liverpool F.C reigns

A Durban-based English football fan shared his rather interesting opinion on some of the English football clubs performance against Liverpool F.C. So there’s pretty much a chance you are going to be grinning in agreement like you saw a plate of biryani in front of you, well that’s IF you are Liverpool fan. The other reaction you may experience is, one where you turn into that keyboard gangster, to let this Liverpool F.C fan know your honest opinion.

And on that note, we present this social media post that flips the red card on your favorite English football club and the assertion that Liverpool F.C sits on the Iron Throne.

Every time I open my phone or turn the TV on, it makes me laugh how many opposition fans are claiming the current Premier League is the weakest it’s been, and we will only have won it by default.

Despite beating everyone in the Prem this season, apart from West Ham of course, we are still getting anywhere near the plaudits we should. Continuing on from last season, after losing ONE league game against the eventual champions, and coming second.

After winning the Champions League, after arguably the most incredible comeback against Barcelona. After winning the European Super Cup.

After winning the Club World Cup. It’s no fluke.

We are where we are, because of the standard of the team, manager, coaching staff, and other club members.

Manchester City have become quite arrogant, although the wheels have certainly come off this season.

Chelsea have shown glimpses this season, but are a team in the making.

Arsenal are in transition, but still have very good players.

Manchester United are a mess, after spending god knows how much.

Leicester are improving under Brendan.

And Spurs have just passed a decent squad to Mourinho, although his methods are arguably past their sell-by date.

You could argue that the teams above haven’t played to their potential.

Is that our problem? No.

Are we leading the league by a point or two? No.

No, we have got it right, and shown 100% consistency. Plus the likes of Trent and Henderson have grown another 6 inches since Madrid.

Why should anyone begrudge us the title, if we win it? We’ve waited this long. We’ve took sh*t off other fans for years, no, decades. I for one, can’t wait.

I would love to win it at the Etihad, although I also think our fans deserve to see us win it at Anfield too. I’m just being fussy now…

Now tell us your feelings after reading this

Source: Meshantan Naidoo “Straight Choons” Facebook page

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