Who Murdered Kavitha Nerputh

Kavitha Nerputh murder suspects include an on-air radio jock of an Indian radio station and claims that police did not do enough to help the late victim.

NEWS: Pietermaritzburg businesswoman Kavitha Nerputh (41) was found dead on Monday night on Alexandra Road in Scottsville on Monday night.

BREAKING: Kavitha Nerputh Murder Suspect Due In Court Monday

According to reports by The Witness the victim had laid fresh charges on Monday morning. It is understood that Nerputh was two-minded over going ahead with the charges and attempted to reverse the case but was prevented from doing so.

A senior female SAPS officer at the Mountain Rise station was hauled in to discuss the withdrawal decision with Nerputh. Nerputh at that moment, felt as if she was in a situation that had no safe outcome for her, whether there was an open case or not. Later that Monday evening, Kavitha was found dead.

The police were forced to break into Nerputh’s car via the window to discover Nerputh alive with a fading pulse. Paramedics attempted to stabilize her however she died at the scene.

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The names of suspected people are being withheld while Kavitha Nerputh’s murder investigation unfolds.

The case of Kavitha Nerputh VS Yugeshnie Reddy

Nerputh claimed harassment from Estcourt financial planner, Yugeshnie Reddy in 2019, the courts granted a protection order in her favour.

The court had found that Reddy harassed Nerputh using social media through Fake Facebook profiles that created a by calling her a sex trader and prostitute.

Reddy, in response to Indian Spice requests for comment, has expressed shock and sadness over rumors that she is a suspect in the murder of her former friend. She went on to sympathise with the children of Nerputh who have to undergo the extreme pain of losing their mother.

The matter was considered closed after the presiding judge gave clear instructions to both women to prevent any form of contact in future.

Reddy in her comments to Indian Spice, is considering relief from the courts against individuals and news publications, that she claims have created aspersions that have tarnished her reputation and family life.

Kavitha’s children identify body

The worse nightmare, for her two children Aryana (19) and Junior (22), became a shocking reality when they were called to the scene to identify their mother’s lifeless body.

The Witness newspaper reported that children of Nerputh, a 22-year-old Junior and the 19-year-old Aryana, told the paper that their mother had been emotional and scared since Sunday, a day before her death.

Her son, Junior also stated to The Witness that Nerputh had sought help from the police repeatedly asking for additional security and for them to take enforce a protection order she had in place.

In her comment to The Witness, Aryana felt “uneasy” for most of that fateful Monday. She called her mother several times to check up on her.

“I was just uneasy and wanted my mum. I felt this urgent need to be with my mum for the entire day.

“We spoke to each other many times in the day, but when she didn’t call at 5pm — as she normally does to check if we needed anything from the shops before she returned home — we became a bit concerned.

“All I want to say is that someone has robbed us of our mother. That’s all there is to it at the end of the day — we don’t have our mother any longer. She’s been taken away from us. There’s nothing more to say — just the history of everything to look at,” said Aryana to The Witness.

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