Gracy Singh On Santoshi Maa To Sunayein Vrat Kathayein

Popular actor Gracy Singh, from the 2015 television show Santoshi Maa, is now playing the Hindu goddess once again in &TV’s Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein.

In her sit-down exclusive chat with, the actor opened up about playing a goddess on-screen and changes in the TV industry. Apart from her small screen stint, Singh is known for her roles in films like Lagaan, Munna Bhai MBBS and Gangaajal among others.

Talking about playing a goddess in the television show, Gracy Singh said, “It’s a divine and powerful role. It also comes with a beautiful message. She is known to be the goddess of contentment and always has a lot of positivity to share. Also, this time, we have a wonderful cast. The chemistry that you see on the screen is also present behind the camera.”

Since the actor has already played the same character, we wondered what made her take it up again. “Along with sharing stories from ancient times, she will also descend to earth to be with her worshippers. Santoshi Maa will be seen befriending her bhakts and become their guardian. She will help them with their problems and even suggest them the right way ahead. I think this is something that will connect with everyone, even with the youth,” Gracy shared.

Actors who play ‘godly’ characters often have unique fan encounters. Sharing that it has also happened with her, Gracy Singh said, “They meet me more like a friend. They do share their problems with me and often look forward to a solution. They expect me to help them. I have experienced this and it’s all because they can relate with my character. It’s a humble feeling, to be honest.”

Stating that it’s a challenge to play a character with so much goodness, the Lagaan actor said, “In real life, it’s really difficult to implement so much goodness. It’s not easy to live like a god. It’s a challenge and sometimes you feel it’s so unreal. However, the show has changed and helped me immensely. You start looking at situations from a positive outlook.”

As readers would know, Gracy Singh started her career with the TV show Amaanat in 1997. On being asked about the changes in the industry, the actor said, “When it comes to making, the industry has seen huge changes. When I started, the team felt like my own family, and every day you felt like you are coming home. Things changed then. But now I see the same simplicity back around me. There are shows today that focus on relatable content but everything has become quite grand. Also, seeing my cast that’s relatively new, I recalled my days when I started working.”

Singh added, “I must also mention that the recall value of my past characters and projects is very high. And I have to thank my makers and directors for creating such authentic characters. People connected to it deeply and remember it so well. I did limited work. But every film had a beautiful message and that’s why it’s still remembered by the audience. That really makes me happy.”

On being quizzed if she is satisfied as a performer having done limited work, Gracy Singh said, “Completely. It was always my decision to focus on quality rather than quantity. When I quit television back in 2002, I was shocked at how people were offering me mother’s roles. That was the trend back then, and I am seeing it again. So I am really thankful that I could make my choices and do roles that I believed in. I always wanted to do selected work but something that I could justify.”

Starting January 28, Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein will air Monday-Friday at 9 pm on & TV.

Source: Indian Express

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