‘I Did Not Murder Kavitha Nerputh’ Says Yugeshnie Reddy

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The murderer of Kavitha Nerputh is yet to be found and while police authorities continue with investigations.

Nerputh has been no stranger to controversy in the past few years after being involved in a series of other cases of harassment against her. This has created a long line of alleged suspects in the murder case. One of the people being accused on social media is former family friend, Yugeshnie Reddy.

BREAKING: Kavitha Nerputh Murder Suspect Due In Court Monday

The Weekend Witness revealed that Nerputh, who was found strangled to death in her Audi Q7 in Alexandra Park on Monday evening, had opened a case at Mountain Rise police station against two people known to her. She also told police on Monday that she had been sent threatening messages on her mobile phone.

This week, Yugeshnie Reddy took to Facebook venting – yet again – on a recent article in The Witness. This, after being harassed social media users, accusing her to have a hand in the death of Kavitha Nerputh.

Here is the post that stirred Yugeshnie Reddy

Kavitha Nerputh Murder Shiloh Wood aka Sumaiya Laher
Source: Facebook

Speaking to Indian Spice, this Wednesday morning, 29 January, a rather enraged Reddy vented.

To certain publications, it’s all about sensationalism. To certain lawyers, it’s all about transactions and publicity. To certain social media users, it’s just about gossip and ‘likes.’ To certain police and courts, it’s just another statistic.

Yugeshnie Reddy

Yugeshnie Reddy’s comment statement on the News24 article post refers to other former enemies of the late Kavitha Nerputh. Indian Spice approached Reddy, for clarity on the post, but she refused to discuss names of individuals in points 1 to 5 due to the ongoing murder case of Kavitha Nerputh. Her legal counsel, has requested she refrain from naming these alleged people, in order to protect the investigation of Nerputh’s death.

The SAPS has never contacted, myself or anyone known to me, as I have nothing to do with such an unthinkable crime.

Claims for damages, pain and suffering will be instituted against any person or Press who has cast pernicious vilification directly or by implication.

Certain individuals of the Magistrates Courts, pertaining to malicious judgements against me, based on falsety has been reported to the Ethics Division of the Magistrates Commision.

Further to this, I am awaiting outstanding information whereby I intend to persist with charges of the Contravention of Section 8(1) of the Prevention of Corrupt Activities Act 12 of 2004.

For the past 2 years, my family and I have also suffered abuse of power by the certain members of the police and ‘certain persons.’ The Independent Police Investigative Directorate are now investigating the misconduct of certain corrupt members.

Yugeshnie Reddy on Facebook

Reddy confirms that she has not been contacted for questioning by investigating officers relating to the death of Kavitha Nerputh.

Sumaiya Laher aka Shiloh Wood

In points 6,7,8 of the Facebook comment post, Yugeshnie Reddy speaks of a case against Sumaiya Laher aka Shiloh Wood & husband Elijah Woodarajh. The husband and wife duo have been involved in harassment matters relating to Kavitha Nerputh.

6. Further to this, charges against the person who has threatened I will lose my son and my life has been opened.

However these are provisionally withdrawn due to pending information. The courts have subpoenaed the relevant data from Facebook Inc. based in Dublin (which has finally been retrieved) and the local service providers (in process)

7. Any attorney, member of the state, press or persons who participated in defeating the ends of justice will be held liable. A dangerous woman and her husband have admitted to be the authors of fake malicious profiles that I was framed for and the matter is being dealt with. Despite this admission, sadly certain “officers of the law” did not act in the interest of justice.

8. I confirm my son and I have a finalised protection order against her and her husband (the duo who framed me) They have been arrested several times yet they persist with coercion unabatedly. There is a pending criminal matter.

Yugeshnie Reddy on Facebook

A signed affidavit, undated, seen by Indian Spice, Sumaiya Laher aka Shiloh Woodarajh claimed harassment by the late Kavitha Nerputh.

Kavitha Nerputh Murder Shiloh Wood aka Sumaiya Laher

but an ECR news report, Woodarajh has claimed being a ‘close friend’ of Kavitha Nerputh.

Woodarajh says her family’s battling to come to terms with her death. 

“I stood by her and helped her in her case and saw what she went through on a daily basis with harassment and death threats. It was just too shocking.”

ECR News Report

When Indian Spice, posed the question to Yugeshnie Reddy over the heinous murder of Kavitha Nerputh, Reddy stated,

To any innocent child whose lost a parent particularly in such an unspeakable manner, that is their mummy. Pending court matters aside, my heart is absolutely shattered.

The investigation is ongoing.


Here’s the copy of the comment post by Yugeshnie Reddy.

Kavitha Nerputh Murder
Yugeshnie Reddy on Facebook

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