Kavitha Nerputh Set Up Her Death?

Image Source: Weekend Witness

PIETERMARITZBURG: A shocking series of revelations are being made surrounding the death of Kavitha Nerputh.

The Public Eye reports that according to close sources that there is a relationship between Nerputh and the murder-accused Simphiwe Mweli. Reports suggest that Nerputh may have contracted her killer to end her life.

It is understood that Mweli has not made an official confession but the other surprising revelation is that of a state witness as reported by Public Eye.

Some of theories on social media chatter include:

  1. Was Nerputh’s murder totally unrelated to harassment?
  2. Could someone have had used the harassment matter to deviate investigation from the true motive?
  3. Were there any conflict of interests within the business?
  4. Who are the other suspects in this case?
  5. Did Mweli work alone?
  6. What was the state of Nerputh’s finances; were there any life policies? Could that have been motive?

The Public Eye has also reported that authorities are working on an additional crime scene being the suspect’s home which is under a kilometer apart from where Kavitha Nerputh was found dying.


Source input: Public Eye

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