EFF: Pravin Gordhan Enemy Of The People

Public enterprises minister Pravin Gordhan has been a focus target by the EFF, demanding his removal from President Cyril Ramaphosa's cabinet.

Some say Pravin Gordhan has not been able to work magic at Eskom and must go.

SA POLITICS: South Africa’s EFF party leader, Julius Malema has confirmed on Sunday, at a media briefing, that the party intends to disrupt President Cyril Ramaphosa’s state of the nation address.

The public enterprises minister Pravin Gordhan has been a focus target by the EFF, who are demanding his removal from South Africa’s president Cyril Ramaphosa’s cabinet.

Others say Gordhan is a thorn in the flesh of ‘the corrupt Malema’ and will work to ensure Malema is prosecuted for his role in ‘the VBS looting’.

Malema has accused Pravin Gordhan, along with former Eskom board chairperson Jabu Mabuza, of misleading the South African people and the president over the Eskom crisis. Malema believes Mabuza fell on the sword while Gordhan remains in power.

“We are going to demand that Pravin must go, and we are going to demand that in parliament. And we are going to have rolling mass actions on Pravin, starting on February 13 in parliament.

“When Cyril starts [to speak], we start. That’s how it’s going to roll. When he starts to speak, we are speaking also about Pravin Gordhan,” said Malema.


“The man is untouchable. There were two people who misled the president, it was Pravin, it was Jabu Mabuza. An Africa has fallen but the Indian has remained because these minorities are not touched.

“Jabu Mabuza left, everybody agreed that these two misled the president. It was an African and an Indian, only an African leaves because that’s how it’s supposed to be in this country … Minorities are not held accountable,” said Malema.

Source input: Times LIVE

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