Coronavirus: Nurse Moms Air Hug To Sobbing Daughter, Tells Her ‘I Am Fighting Monsters’

CHINA: The coronavirus outbreak has shaken the world to the core, with many lives already claimed While the world takes precautionary measures against the deadly virus it might take a while to contain it completely.

In the meanwhile, medical professionals in China are tirelessly working to treat patients. However, working around the clock has taken a physical and emotional toll on their health.

Recently, in a video shared by China’s Xinhua News, a nurse treating coronavirus patients is seen giving her daughter an ‘air hug’ as physical contact is strictly forbidden.

Have a look at the heartwarming video:

The child who is said to be nine-years-old can be seen sobbing inconsolably while she tells her mother that she misses her, reports Indian Express. They then go on to exchange a loving air hug by extending their arms. The nurse asks her daughter to be good and then goes on to tell her that she “is fighting monsters”.

As they emotionally say goodbye to each other, the girl leaves a bag with a plate of dumplings on the ground for her mother. The touching video has left social media users teary-eyed.

We pray for China and hope everything gets better soon. Hats off to the medical professionals who are helping fight this deadly virus.

Source: Storypick | China’s Xinhua News

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