Husband Glues Wife’s Genitals Shut For Cheating On Him

There are no two ways about the fact that being cheated on by a partner is a deeply painful and distressing experience. But despite the hurt and anger, we must cope with it in a healthy manner and resist the urge for revenge. Because taking rash decisions can complicate things further as evidenced by the following incident from Kenya.

According to Mail Online, a 36-year-old businessman, Dennis Mumo from Kitui allegedly applied superglue to his wife’s private parts after suspecting her of having extramarital affairs.

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The woman who was in excruciating pain had to seek medical assistance. Mirror UK reports that he sealed her genitals before a business trip to Rwanda and was subsequently arrested. He told the cops he was guilty and did it after discovering messages and nude photos his wife sent to four other men. The Gazelle News quoted him saying,

“I have to do this to save my wife and my marriage because I still love my wife very dearly and I will not want to lose her. I also have several messages of my wife sending nude pictures and messages to other women with captions such as ‘next week will be fireworks’ and other erotic messages.”

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The husband will now appear in court on the charges of domestic violence with assault for causing damage to her reproductive organs while the wife will have to testify against the alleged adultery. The man’s lawyer has asked the court to punish the woman with 100 lashes.

We hope that the judge gets to the bottom of this case and punishes all guilty parties.

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