Yashwanth Shastri, a priest, said: "We performed this special puja on Friday to save the world from virus and diseases like corona and H1N1." Twitter/ANI

Karnataka Temples Perform Special Puja For Coronavirus Infection

Temples in Karnataka are performing pujas to save people from the coronavirus which has infected people across China and spread to multiple continents.

KARNATAKA: The World Health Organisation has declared a global public health emergency over the spread of the infection which has killed more than 1,000 people.

A special puja was performed at the Shaneshwara temple and Durga Parameshwari temple in Rangana Halli village in Karnataka to protect people from coronavirus, reports NDTV.

“We performed this special puja on Friday to save the world from viruses and diseases like corona and H1N1,” Yashwanth Shastri, a priest was quoted.

In a video shared by a China’s Xinhua News, a nurse treating coronavirus patients is seen giving her daughter an ‘air hug’ has left people heartbroken.

Temples in Karnataka
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“Our ancestors used to perform a special puja for the betterment of society and save the world from viruses when they attacked,” he added.

The WHO has now officially named the disease COVID-19 (Corona Virus Disease 19). Though we doubt the puja can help, we hope the virus is contained soon and the situation improves in China.

Source: ANI

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