The South African Indian Consumer Audience

Indian Spice is making meaningful connections with the elusive South African Indian consumer. 

ADISHAKTI MEDIA is a multi-service agency that over the past four years developed a unique digital ecosystem that speaks directly to the South African Indian audience & consumer.

We understand the value of brands to the South African Indian consumer and it is not just a matter of affordability. It has become essential for business to engage this niche community on their level and in their backyard. Combined with the formidable influence of social media it gives the Indian consumer varied options to spend on good things. The SA Indian consumer’s preferences and interests also reflect in what they are consuming digitally. The unlimited swipes on WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok and Instagram stories is the new billboard space.

The growing purchasing power exists in the hands of the South African Indian consumer but how do you reach them?


Accessing a niche consumer/lifestyle vertical like the SA Indian consumer presents many challenges and great opportunities for businesses and brands. The problem is how, what, where, why and when; and that is where ADISHAKTI MEDIA comes in.

We’ve unlocked the elusive Indian consumer with years of research, segmenting this audience and consumers across the South African Indian community, according to their ethnic and demographic differences so you can speak to them more effectively. 

We will also tell you how major trends are affecting this consumer vertical and how to effectively target this audience. Brand exposure remains high on a client checklist when developing custom goals for digital campaigns that reaches the Indian consumer audience.

We’ll add value to your research and insights data by talking to this audience on the level they want to hear you. With our consistent research we find the fit within this niche consumer market and also identify whitespace opportunities for your next big idea.


Indian Spice the news and lifestyle platform powers access to the South African Indian consumer and the greater Indian diaspora audience globally. 

The digital platform that delivers trending news also offers brands, ad agencies, public relation firms, corporate business and SME enterprises an opportunity to target this audience with effective delivery on targets. If you have an interest in reaching a South African Indian consumer audience then keep reading, we’re getting to the statistics .

The IAB SA represents the South African digital industry to all sectors, including the marketing community, the media, the South African government and the public. Breaking into the digital news landscape our audience growth according was significant according to the South African industry insights report by the IAB SA.

Source: IAB SA

The latest 2020 statistics reveal that Indian Spice audience covers a demographic age spectrum across an 18-55 year-old audience market. Further market research at ADISHAKTI MEDIA has provided key SA Indian consumer insights.  



We tailor effective digital campaigns that speak to the South African Indian consumer within our ecosystem on the website and our social media streams. 

On the website ads injected on the site-wide header as an example.

Impressions will be booked based on DFP inventory availability and booking value. Other locations for adverts include in-article, sidebar placement for standard advert dimensions.


Our growing audience across our digital ecosystem gives us incredible reach serving content to over 11-million users on Facebook. 

Indian Spice injects social media posts scheduled across our social media ecosystem for the campaign period. We generate approximately posts regularly to our audiences on the Indian Spice Facebook, Twitter & Instagram feeds that drive traffic to your product page or alternatively to the content article page on Indian Spice.


There’s a lot of business buzz right now about the WhatsApp messaging, and with good reason. This growing base of users on the Indian Spice Whatsapp service has peaked at 10K+ giving us real-time access to our readers.


We have various segmented newsletter mailing lists where our readers have opted in for promotional marketing content. Special campaign rates apply for booking a mailer promo.


We build custom campaigns with our Indian Spice rich-media platforms. Using our viral video verticals, we use most successful influencer personalities available on our supplier-book that speaks to the South African Indian consumer audience. 

You can check out the video and meme content posts on these powerful platforms.

Talk to us about creating a fun, brand-infused viral video skit and see the numbers soar with these influencer verticals that have become trusted South African comedy brands at Indian Spice.

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