Sidharth Shukla Is Bigg Boss 13 Winner

INDIAN TELEVISION: Sidharth Shukla walked away as the winner of Bigg Boss 13 on Sunday along with a cash prize of Rs 50 lakh amidst rumors that his win was ‘fixed.’.

In his interview with Shukla spoke about some of the highlights and regrets.

“Winning the trophy does feel special and as for regrets, I really don’t know. You have regrets when you don’t do something well. But I managed to win the show so I cannot really say anything on that.”

Sidharth Shukla, Bigg Boss 13 Winner

The actor has been accused of being aggressive as well as disrespecting women on the show. When asked to clarify his stand, the Dil Se Dil Tak actor said, “People who know me will vouch for the fact that I am not exactly that. It’s easy to level allegations or tell these things to others. But when you dig deeper into the matter, you would know that’s not how it is.”

A section of the audience also called out the makers for being biased towards Sidharth Shukla and also declared him as the ‘fixed winner’ of the show. Surprised at the same, the Balika Vadhu actor said, “What do you say on such things. I won the title after a gruelling journey and when someone questions that, it’s really sad. I feel sorry for people who have such thoughts. If you have followed the season, you would know that it hasn’t been an easy time for me. It’s not that it doesn’t matter, but you cannot keep answering every question thrown at you.”

Host Salman Khan throughout the show had given pearls of wisdom to Sidharth Shukla. From differentiating between anger and temper and ways to keep calm to even ways of showing respect to others, Khan had been the perfect mentor. When asked what is that one piece of advice by the host that he will hold close, the Bigg Boss 13 winner said with a laugh, “There are quite a few, so wouldn’t know which one to pick. But one thing that he told me which I will hold on to is that ‘teri maa, meri maa, meri maa teri maa’ (Your mother is my mother, my mother is your mother).”

Sidharth Shukla took home the Bigg Boss 13 trophy along with cash prize of Rs 50 lakh.

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