Ela Gandhi Meets Pope Francis

VATICAN CITY: Ela Gandhi, by the invitation of Women of Faith Network in Italy, addressed government officials, the religious community and people from the Vatican.

The grand-daughter of Indian activist, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi has the pleasure of meeting Pope Francis following her keynote address on February 11 at the World Interfaith Harmony Week, in Italy.

It was a quick trip to Saint Peter’s Basilica square like the many other thousands who gather every Wednesday to see the pope, that Gandhi received an unexpected surprise.

“We arranged to go there on Wednesday morning, but somebody who had come to the meeting had tickets for us and we were then invited into the Vatican hall, instead of standing outside with the public,” she said.

Ela Gandhi, IOL

She said as they were standing on the other side of the hall as observers, the pope asked her to come forward to meet him.

“I felt good that I was able to see him, but when he called for me, shook my hand and blessed me it was really wonderful. I felt very privileged that he called and I had the opportunity to shake his hand,” said Gandhi.

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Source input: IOL

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