Indian Association of South Africa Rejects ‘Rumor Mongering’

Amit More, Indian Association of South Africa with South African Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan

SOUTH AFRICA: As tensions rise between SA Indians and NRI’s in South Africa, the Indian Association of South Africa (IASA) released a statement on social media site Facebook, late yesterday afternoon.

In recent weeks, news reports by South African media houses suggest that there are Indian nationals importing Indian right-wing ethos of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) into South African Indian society.

The lengthy statement follows serious allegations made by South African social commentator Vinesh Selvan, against the organisation.

Source: South African Indians United Facebook group

The official statement by the Indian Association South Africa organisation wholly rejects allegations, made by Vinesh Selvan and other individuals from South African organisations, against the Non Resident Indian (NRI) community.

Speaking to Indian Spice, Amit More president of Indian Association of South Africa (IASA) has vehemently denied the allegations outright.

The Indian Association of South Africa (IASA) has faced unfounded accusations of perpetuating Islamophobia, however criticising Pakistan government policy is not Islamophobia. Our organisation comprises of Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist members as well as agnostic and atheist members and supporters. We are a truly secular and inclusive organisation upholding the values of multiculturalism and pluralism, said More.

One has look at the comparison of the vital contribution India gives to South Africa and what the Pakistani government has done. How many brothers and sisters of African communities have been given jobs by Pakistani companies in South Africa?

Amit More, Indian Association of South Africa (IASA)

Clarifying further on the position of Indian Association of South Africa (IASA), Nilesh Joshi explains, “The goals of the organisation are to bridge the gap between the NRI community & People of Indian Origin (PIO) and to expand agendas of social, cultural and economic ties between India and South Africa’s people.

“We will not tolerate the views of extremists and religious fanatics who want to stir the pot of hatred and intolerance. Bigotry holds no place in South Africa which was founded on the principles of religious tolerance and mutual co-existence.”

Premier of KwaZulu-­Natal Sihle Zikalala, Post Newspaper

More also stated that some members of NRI community fear xenophobic violence could be meted out against them especially in the KwaZulu-Natal province.

IASA will never indulge in this rumour mongering by the internal community, we have not brought Indian politics here, rather the internal community of South Africa brought Indian politics here. We have just responded to the untruth being circulated.

Indian Association of South Africa on Facebook

“People who are harassing Indian expats, do they want all Indian nationals to leave South Africa and go back to India ? I am a proud Indian who resides in South Africa, working for the South African government. I, like my fellow countrymen have left India and have settled in South Africa and we are contributing to the upliftment of the South African people. We share the same values and are binded by historical legacies of great men like Gandhi and Madiba,” said More.

The Indian Association of South Africa (IASA), despite the excessive harassment, will continue with its goals of fostering goodwill and peace with fellow citizens of South Africa, said More.

You can read their full statement here on their Facebook page.


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