Indian Mother Murders Toddler Son Bashing Him Against Rocks

The mother took her infant son to a beach nearby, climbed up on to the edge of the seawall and hurled him towards the bunch of boulders.

KERALA: Saranya, a 22-year-old Malayali mother, from the coastal city of Kannur, has been charged for the gruesome murder of her infant child. The mother was arrested by Kannur police authorities after she confessed to the senseless murder of her baby boy.

Saranya killed her infant son by hurling him against a bunch of granite boulders near the sea. The accused has been detained on murder charges (Section 302) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and has already made her first appearance before the local courts on Wednesday, said an investigating officer.

Baby Viyan who died from head injuries after being bashed against rocks twice by his mother.

“When she threw the infant for the first time, he began to cry. So she picked him up and hurled him at the boulders again to make sure he died,” the officer claimed.

According to the early investigation findings – the accused Saranya and her husband Pranav – had a strained relationship and were living separately. The couple’s marriage was a love-match that was against the wishes of her parents. 

It is understood that the Saranya pressured her estranged husband to visit her where she lived with her parents and sibling. The husband spent the night with his wife and child. It was around the early hours of 2 am and 3 am early Monday that Saranya took her infant son, Viyan to the beach nearby, climbed up on to the edge of the seawall and hurled the child towards the bunch of granite boulders below.

“When she threw the infant for the first time, he began to cry. So she picked him up and hurled him at the boulders again to make sure he died,” the investigating officer stated.

Autopsy reports later confirmed the infant had suffered critical head injuries. After the act, the accused returned home and went back to sleep.

On Monday morning, the family, noticing that the child was missing, filed a missing persons complaint at the local police station. A search party was launched and a few hours later, the infant’s body was recovered from the murder scene.

The 22-year-old Saranya at the scene of the crime after she confessed to the murder.

Both husband and wife were interrogated the couple gave conflicting statements to police raising suspicion about the involvement of the couple in the child’s murder. During the initial round of the questioning, the mother accused husband of the crime.

Police interrogate couple

During the interrogation the 22-year-old mother eventually confessed to the shocking crime. Her clothing were also catalogued as evidence in the matter as police found the presence of sea-water on the clothes she was wearing on the night of the murder. Police reports further indicated that the 22-year-old Saranya was in a relationship with another man and wanted to lead a life with him. Phone records reveal call and message logs point to the alleged affair ruling out the husband as a suspect in the matter.

It is unclear as to whether witnesses have been questioned in relation to the matter. Police authorities declined to comment on whether forensic evidence has been finalised in this murder case. Questions are being raised regarding the mental state of the accused that led to such a crime.

Hostile crowd attacks mother

Chaotic scenes at the home when police brought the accused to collect evidence. Image Source: Manorama Online

It was on Wednesday morning, that the onlookers witnessed shocking scenes when the police brought the accused to her home to collect evidence. Several locals and other family members publicly harassed her, threatening to stone her to death like she did to her infant child.

Her father Valsaraj in his interview told Asianet, a local news channel, “My wife and I will be very happy if they (the court) gives her a death sentence.”


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