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Chennai Police Marry Couple Inside Station

INDIA NEWS: Most adult couples usually handle their differences and disputes inside four walls. But when it comes to the protection of their rights, life and dignity, they seek the help of police and lawmakers, like most of us would. And like the many people who knock the doors of the police seeking justice, this woman from Chennai did the same.

TOI reports a pregnant woman lodged a complaint at the Sankar Nagar police station near Pallavaram against her boyfriend. The woman alleged that her boyfriend declined to marry her when he came to know that she was pregnant. She also informed that the guy told her he would marry her only if she aborted her pregnancy.

The police personnel then took matters under control and summoned the couple and the two families to arrive at a consensus. Soon after which the two parties narrowed down to an amicable solution and the woman got her abortion done, as agreed. The wedding was then fixed 10 days later.

However, the groom’s family didn’t stick to their promises. That’s when the woman approached the police station again and gave them an insight into the situation. Both the parties were again called and the police took them to task. It was then that the situation finally came under control. The groom then tied the auspicious mangalsutra to the woman in the presence of both families inside the station.

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The newlyweds then walked home together. The police didn’t register a case against the groom, however, he promised that he won’t let his wife down. This, in fact, isn’t the first time that the cops played cupid to a couple. Earlier, UP cops helped a young couple get married and also hosted their ‘nikah’ inside the police station.

Looks like the cops have more to do apart from maintaining law and order in the city. Hope the couple stays in harmony with each other.

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