‘Skullbreaker Challenge’ All You Need To Know

Nagpur Police use Virat Kohli's quirky picture to promote awareness of the skull breaker challenge. Image Source: Twitter

This is the moment that most South African parents wish that the South African government didn’t ban corporal punishment,

TRENDING: Everyone has been watching the the ‘Skullbreaker Challenge’ AKA the ‘tripping jump challenge’ and wondering like #WTF is wrong with people.

The asinine act needs three people to attempt the challenge. The trio is supposed to stand next to each other with two of them knocking the third person off-balance while they jump together in the air. Ideally, the aim is to knock down the person standing in the middle so that he falls flat on his back.

It’s the latest internet obsession that’s giving everyone a headache, quite literally! Even slathering the entire Vicks ointment ointment on wouldn’t help the headache.

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Reports indicate that the challenge was first attempted as a joke in Spain, but has since then become a hit among youngsters. So please don’t be an idiot use your head!

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