Marvel ‘Black Widow’ Poster Quotes Bollywood Actor Sridevi

MARVEL MOVIES: Last year Disney unveiled the official posters for upcoming Marvel phase 4 films including ‘Wanda Vision’, ‘The Falcon’, ‘Winter Soldier’, and ‘Black Widow.’

Now Marvel India’s official Twitter account recently posted a new poster for ‘Black Widow’. Accompanied with a Hindi caption – ‘Kisi Ke Haath Na Ayegi Yeh Ladi’ which means ‘No one will be able to flatter this girl.’

This Black Widow poster uses a line from Sridevi starrer Chaalbaaz’s song ‘Na Jaane Kaha Se Ayi Hai’ as its caption. Let that sink in.

Marvel Black Widow Poster Sridevi Quote

Have a look at the tweet here:

People on the internet are cringing their lives out at the poster. I mean…WHAT IS THIS?

Does anyone else need a moment to recover from this? Because I do!

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