St James Prep School: A Parent’s Letter You Must Read

Sharmila Jasmath’s letter to the St James Prep staff is a must-read that speaks directly to the hearts of all parents who want their young, school-going children to be happy, have curious minds and humble hearts.  After all, there is no second chance at creating a solid first foundation!

St James is a co-ed, Cambridge International preparatory school, that offers east-meets-west philosophy as the path to unlocking your child’s potential. It’s no surprise, that this one-of-a-kind private school is based in one of Johannesburg’s official heritage sites, a magnificently restored 116-year-old building perfectly suited for the conscious education the students will receive during their time at the school.

Read Sharmila Jasmath’s letter here

 3rd December 2019 

To the Executive Head, the Principal and all the Staff of St James 

As we get closer to our last few days and moments at St James, we are truly humbled and grateful for what we have experienced over the last 7 years. While words cannot completely convey how we feel, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to the entire St James family. 

St James Prep School
Placement opportunities are available for just 30 learners (Grades 000 to 7) for the 2021 school admission year, tap here for more information

Not only have both Kriya and Shaniel grown in leaps and bounds but the entire family has grown. St James certainly offers a full programme for the entire family. The Philosophy classes and homework we received has transformed how we do things in our home. The PAUSE has become an integral part of everything we do as a family. The stillness within each of us is a culmination of many years of the practice being reinforced at school and at home. 

Kriya and Shaniel both chose St James for themselvesThey chose St James because it spoke to the essence of TRUTH, LOVE and SERVICE. Each of these values is lived to the fullest by every staff member in the school. From the delicious food that is made with love, to the truth that is taught in the classroom and to the service provided in the dining hall. All this combined, created an inclusive environment to feed the soul of any child that comes to St James. 

The parenting courses provided by Mr Angus, Mr Grace and Mrs Kohler have taught us so much about being true to oneself. We talked and debated, we laughed, we cried, we danced, we sang, we planted, we drew, we did yoga, we went on outings – everything we did during our parenting courses only benefited our children. This is a journey you will never get anywhere else in the world! 

We are the biggest advocates of St James as I am sure Ms Counihan will notice on the Facebook and Instagram pages of St James. The only reason for this is related to the value and importance we have placed by being part of the St James family. With this, we can only hope that St James grows from strength to strength especially in terms of the number to children that can be exposed to this wonderful experience. 

As the newest Alumni’s of St James, we will always endeavour to do St James proud. Thank you to each and every one of you that has touched the lives of the Jasmath family. It is because of you, we are who we are. 

 With Gratitude, The Jasmath Family  (Nilesh, Sharmila, Shaniel and Kriya) 

St James Prep School in Johannesburg has placement opportunities for just 30 students across Grades 000 to 7 for the 2021 academic year, tap here for more information

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