Milind Soman On Exploring Sexuality

CELEBRITY NEWS: Milind Somanbas naam he kaafi hai, to bring back the 90s memories when he was featured in Alisha Chinai’s music video, ‘Made in India’ in 1995. In 2018, the supermodel and actor broke millions of hearts and married Ankita Konwar. He recently featured in a web series ‘Four More Shots Please!’ as the passionate Dr Aamir Warsi.

Now, the film producer and fitness enthusiast has released his memoir with the title ‘Made in India’. In an interview with The Indian Express, Soman spoke about his sexuality, relationships and more.

When asked if he thinks stress backfires, he said, “Stress is good or bad depending on how we deal with it. We are one of the physically weakest species on the planet. Yet today, we are an apex species. All of our greatest inventions and innovations in every field have come about as a response to some pain point.”

“Stress is just a trigger or a stimulant. The response to that must lead to some positive learning or experience.”

“If you don’t use stress to improve ourselves, it can destroy you.” He adds that it’s better we understand our mind, body and emotions.

When quizzed if he ever thought of exploring his sexuality to know if there was anything beyond what he thought, he said:

“Of course, I thought about it; about heterosexuality and homosexuality and everything in between. I might have experimented if I had been attracted to someone for that purpose, but I never did.”

“I am not aware of the workings of love. Why you would fall in love with someone and not another. I fell in love many times but never with a man. I don’t know why I always preferred women.”

Answering how procrastination became his friend in dealing with addiction to cigarettes, he said, “I had observed that the urge to smoke would develop as a wave, growing and subsiding every now and then. When the urge came I would put it off telling myself I would smoke but after some time. The urge would go away. In this way, I was able to reduce my consumption of cigarettes by almost 90 per cent. We frown on procrastination, but I found that even that mental weakness can be used as a tool.”

Opening up about his relationship with his wife, he said, “When I first met my wife, I thought she was mysterious. I couldn’t read her mind like I could with most people. Maybe I didn’t want to. There was something beautiful that I felt that I immediately wanted to surrender to, and knowing more would have somehow hindered that wonderful experience.”

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We just can’t wait to see the iron man Milind spread his magic on the silver screen again. All the best for your book, sir!

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