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Shruti Haasan On Her Plastic Surgery, Says, “This Is My Life, My Face”

NEWS: Let’s be real. Although most of us want to be rich and famous, not everyone can handle the criticism and unreasonable bashing that comes with it. And with social media, everyone today has the power to comment whatever they want from behind their screens. And among the many people who are often on the receiving end of trolls are those in the television or film industry. The need to constantly look good often gets to them.

Recently, acclaimed actor and playback singer Shruti Haasan was also taken down by her haters when she posted a picture on Instagram in which she was trolled for looking too skinny and not her best, reported HT.

However, Shruti is more than just a pretty face. A woman of substance who hardly shies away from sharing her thoughts with the world decided to serve the trolls a hot platter of her unapologetic self. Within hours of posting the first picture, she shared a collage of two of her pictures (taken three days apart) with a strongly-worded caption.

In the post, she said that although she isn’t the one driven by other people’s opinions of her, ‘the constant commenting and she’s too fat now she’s too thin is so avoidable.’ The ‘Luck’ actor who is often trolled for her lip enhancement and nose job also accepted that she’s had plastic surgery and she isn’t ashamed to admit it.

She went on to say that she’s learning every day to love herself ‘because the greatest love story of my life is with myself and I hope yours is too.’

However, this isn’t the first time that ‘Gabbar Is Back’ actor spoke about something so personal. Earlier, she opened up about her breakup with Michael Corsale, her career and her struggle with alcohol addiction.

On the career front, Shruti is set to make a comeback in the South Indian film industry and is busy with the production of her upcoming Telugu film, ‘Krack’.

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