Anupama Chopra Reveals SRK’s Most Absurd Movie Script

For any Shah Rukh Khan fan, the past few years have been painful. ‘Chennai Express’ was STILL okay, but then came films like ‘Happy New Year’, ‘Dilwale’, and of course, ‘Zero’.

It was mind-numbing to see a terrific actor whom we have grown up worshipping sink himself to ‘zero’, literally. However, Shah Rukh Khan did have the chance to disappoint his fans even more than ‘Zero’. Thankfully, he let that chance go.

A recent video of film-critic Anupama Chopra is making rounds on social media where she reveals Shah Rukh’s most bizarre script-reading experience. She came to know the story at the time when she was writing a book on SRK and had to spend hours speaking to the actor, listen to stories about his career.

At some point, she managed to ask him a question about the worst scripts that he has been offered and the story that followed is hilarious!

Like Anupama Chopra has to say, ‘you can’t make this sh*t up.’

Till we recover from this revelation, you may watch the entire video here:

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