Salona Govender Fights Back In Viral Nudes Saga

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KWAZULU NATAL: Salona Govender (28) of Stanger has become the latest victim to slut-shaming after her nude photos went viral last year. And since last night she has been harassed again, by known individuals bringing back the nightmare that started in 2019.

Govender was made aware of fake social media profiles that were using her photos to solicit sex as a prostitute. Now the mother-of-two, is on the defensive, fighting back to make sure the harassment stops.

Speaking to Indian Spice last night, an emotional Govender said that she regrets sharing her intimate pictures with someone she ‘trusted’ that she met on social media site, Facebook. The mother-of-two has admitted to sharing the photos with one individual, who turned out to be a catfish. Soon after her 27th birthday last year, Govender’s nightmare began when her boyfriend received her nude photos via a known friend. This horrible act led to the end of a loving long-term relationship and the start of her battle.

In August 2019, her parents and her ex-husband were shocked to have become the latest recipients of the photos.

Father shows minor children moms nude photos

The pictures were then sent to the woman’s ex-husband, her parents and family. Her two sons aged 4 and 8 were also exposed to their mothers nude pictures, shockingly enough by their father. The divorced mum who currently lives with her parents, explained that the pictures have strained her relationship with her children and extended family.

Her two sons have been forced to question their mother over the nude photos and this broke her heart. The father has taken custody of the children who live 40 km’s away from the mother.

Stanger SAPS turned mother away

Govender also shared her trauma of being asked to leave the Stanger SAPS branch on two occasions. Stanger police officials have allegedly refused to help the mother in 2019.

I felt interrogated on each instance when I went to the police station, they told me to bring them evidence before they can do anything

Salona Govender

A response from the Stanger SAPS is pending regarding Indian Spice’s questions into police conduct in this case.

Govender has actively been scanning social media to find instances of her nude photos and working on her own to remove the content.

Just this week her efforts, to shut down a popular local porn swap group on a chat service, was successful. The group has been synonymous with sharing nudes and sex tapes of local Durban and Johannesburg Indian men and women.

Salona Govender nude photos
Salona Govender | Facebook

A criminal case is currently being registered and Govender is looking to take swift action. Govender is intending on taking a consult with TPA Legal‘s Theasen Pillay, in order to find the 2 suspected Indian males and a female and bring them to book.

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