Attack On Gynae At Lenmed Shifa Private Hospital

KWAZULU NATAL: A well-known gynaecologist was attacked, by 3 angry family members following the death of their loved one, at the Lenmed Shifa Private Hospital.

It’s believed that family members of a patient who died following surgery at the hospital brutally attacked the doctor, leaving her in a critical condition. SAMA KZN chairperson, Dr Akhtar Hussain – says the doctor performed surgery on the patient on the 24th of February. The patient’s condition then deteriorated, subsequently leading to her death. After informing family members of her death, it’s alleged that the doctor was severely assaulted by the patient’s family members.

‘You killed my sister,’ patients hear as doctor beaten to pulp.

Social media reports and several sources have claimed that the patient’s two brothers and husband were behind the attack.

“I had come back from theatre after my own surgery and could hear the doctor trying to resuscitate the patient. She then went towards the reception and all I heard was “You killed my sister”. A man was shouting. There were screams and it sounded like a scuffle where someone was really being thrashed.

“I couldn’t hear the doctor’s voice and I was sure that they had killed her. I was terrified that they were going to come into our room and attack us all. They were out of control,”

a patient told TimesLIVE.

The South African Medical Association (SAMA) has condemned the alleged severe attack of a gynaecologist at Shifa Private Hospital at Overport in Durban.

Meanwhile, the management of Shifa Private Hospital has released a statement following the assault of the doctor at that medical facility.

A case of common assault has been opened at the Sydenham Police Station. Hussain says the incident is unacceptable and SAMA is conducting a further investigation into the matter.

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Source inputs: TimesLIVE | SABC NEWS

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