SA Indian Segai Kiston Gives Life To Tamil Philosopher Kannadasan’s Life Work

Kiston was approached by Kannadasan's son Gandhi to to develop music for his father's lyrics for an album soon to be released.

SOUTH AFRICA: Nearly four decades after his demise, Kannadasan is remembered for his poetry and now South African Indian Segai Kiston adds another piece of history to the late Tamil philosopher’s life work.

Isaikkavi Ramanan, last year at a Kannadasan tribute event, predicted that 50 years from now, history will place the poet among the front-ranking devotees of Krishna. So prolific and poignant is his work, he said.

Kannadasan a Tamil philosopher, poet, film song lyricist, producer, actor, script-writer, editor, philanthropist, is regarded as one of the greatest and most important lyricists in India.

Naan nirantharamanavan azhivadillai, Entha nilaiyilum enakku maranam illai…Β (Oru Koppaiyilae,Β Rathathilakam)

Isaikkavi Ramanan

Now Kannadasan’s work comes to life in the form of music thanks to SA Indian vocalist Segai Kiston.

Kiston was approached by Kannadasan’s son Gandhi to to develop music for his father’s lyrics for an album soon to be released. Kiston says this is a great honour for South African musicians and for the promotion of the Tamil language and culture.

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