Three Dead After Dry Ice Flung In Swimming Pool

WORLD: Over-the-top parties have become a thing with celebrity destination weddings and themed parties on social media. This drives social media users want to celebrate important days with glitz and glamour. One such Instagram influencer wanted to do the same but her ideas backfired into a drastic tragedy.

India Today reports that Russian Instagram influencer Yekaterina Didenko 29th birthday bash turned into a nightmare after 3 people were killed after 25 kg’s of dry ice was poured into a swimming pool.

Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide and which produces heavy vapour when put into water.

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According to Daily Mail, Didenko wanted to create an “impressive steam show” with the dry ice when the guests jumped into the swimming pool. Just as the dry ice was poured, people started fainting because a large amount of vapourised carbon dioxide was produced in a poorly ventilated space.

A video capturing the incident shows people started cheering when the dry ice was poured into the pool. One by one, the guests started to enter the pool. However, no movement is seen once they came in contact with the vapour.

One of the three people killed in the incident was her husband. The other two were merely 25 years old. Medical reports claimed that they died from “pulmonary edemas” after breathing in the gas.

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In a video, Didenko announced the death of her husband and spoke about how she was left sobbing when her young daughter Natsya asked her a painful question – “Where is daddy?”

7 others had been admitted in the hospital, 2 of whom have been discharged. The condition of the other 5 is unknown.

A criminal case of causing “death by negligence” has been opened probing into the matter.

What is also concerning is that Yekaterina Didenko highly qualified pharmacist, as mentioned by reports. We do come across parties in which small amounts of dry ice is used to create swirling clouds around food or carved ice models. Keeping the above incident in mind, we should spend some time educating ourselves before toying around with such materials.

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