Getting Involved With A Married Man, Neena Gupta Says “Don’t Do It”

RELATIONSHIPS: Highly debated is the topic of adultery. Many say, “Who are we to decide who should fall in love with whom?” And they may be right. Many argue, “What is the use of holding on to an unhappy marriage when you can be with a person who makes you happy?”. They also might be right.

Some might ask, “Who are we to decide what is wrong or right?”. In an ideal world, we could fall in love with whoever we wanted to and things would fall into place. However, this isn’t an ideal world. And Neena Gupta points it out perfectly.

Neena Gupta recently took to social media to highlight the toils of falling in love with a married person. In fact, the Shubh Mangal Zyada Savdhan actress jumps straight into the point and asks people not to do so.

Neena Gupta doesn’t flinch from saying that she too fell in love and was involved with a married man once and it was a huge mistake.

“He tells you he doesn’t like his wife and they are not getting along for a long time. You fall in love with him. He is a married guy. Then you say, ‘Why don’t you separate?’. But he says, ‘No, no. There are kids. I don’t feel like it. Let’s see what happens. maybe someday’. So you start meeting secretly and go on holidays, but he finds it difficult as he has to lie about his plans. Then you say you want to spend a night with him. Then you want to spend more nights together and ultimately you want to marry him.”

Having experienced the rough side of such relationships, she goes on to add,

“You push him to divorce his wife but he says ‘Wait for some time. I am working on it. It’s not so easy. There is property, there are bank accounts’, etc. Now you get frustrated and you don’t know what to do. The man leaves. Do not get involved in all this, do not fall in love with a married man. I have done this before, I have suffered. That is why I am telling my friends: Try not to do it.”

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People on the internet are lauding Neena Gupta for her honest advice. Many pointed out how it is not easy to share personal details with other people and it takes a lot of courage to do so. 

Thanks to Neena Gupta, now we have a first-person account of what it is like to engage in a relationship with a married person. Not all relationships are rainbow and flowers. Some of them can turn ugly and result in heartbreak.

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