Muslim Man Prints Hindu Gods On Daughter’s Wedding Invites

INDIA: Many of the greatest tragedies of the world that have been etched in history have occurred due to religious discrepancies. The Holocaust, Partition violence in Punjab, The Rwandan genocide, Sri Lankan civil war, etc. had all been sparked by religious differences between two or more groups. There will always be differences between two groups of people. However, the fact that mankind has persisted is proof that love eventually triumphs over hate and humanity triumphs over religion.

With the same spirit, a Muslim man from Meerut printed Hindu Gods including Ganesh and Radha-Krishna on his daughter’s wedding invitation card alongside ‘Chand Mubarak’, reports News18.

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“I thought it would be a good idea to showcase the Hindu-Muslim amity, especially when communal hatred is gaining ground. My friends have reacted very positively to the initiative,” said the father.

According to the National Herald, this unique card was printed in Hastinapur for his daughter wedding which is supposed to take place in early March. The wedding card has been printed in 2 languages – Hindi and Urdu.

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Considering the kind of strict influence religion has over a person, it is laud-worthy to have high regards for gods and goddesses of other religions as well!

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