Jowar ‘Maltabella’ Roti With Shilpa Shetty

With her undeniable fitness and charming style, Shilpa Shetty makes 40s look easy. But if you go by her Instagram and YouTube channel, you would know that healthy eating is a major factor for her fitness. In her latest video tutorial, she is seen making jowar (sorghum) rotis.

Sorghum grains are milled into flour and used in porridges such as ‘Maltabella’,

She is known for giving a healthy twist to regular dishes, while retaining their flavour. In the recipe, white and black sesame seeds in the dough bring in extra texture and flavour. Sorghum grains are milled into flour and used in porridges such as ‘Maltabella’, unleavened bread, cookies, cakes, couscous and malted beverages. Eating the whole grain will ensure the most nutrition; soak in water overnight and boil as rice. Sorghum flour has nutritional content making it an amazing addition to the diet. It is also rich in antioxidants that reduce the risk of various chronic health problems.

“It’s gluten-free, aids weight loss and helps regulate bowel movements. It’s even beneficial for diabetics. If you’ve been meaning to incorporate jowar into your daily diet but didn’t know how, here’s the solution,” Shetty recommended in her video. Among food enthusiasts, jowar is popular as it is used to make cakes, rotis and tacos too.

Here are some health benefits: 

* Jowar or sorghum flour is known to improve digestion as it contains a good amount of fibre.

* It helps fight free radicals, delaying ageing.

* It boosts immunity and is also a rich source of iron that ensures multiplication of red blood cells and prevents anaemia.

* As a gluten-free food, it helps people with celiac disease.

* Jowar is a rich source of protein.

* It helps control blood sugar levels and is often recommended for people with diabetes. The low glycemic index of jowar ensures that glucose is slowly released into the bloodstream. The extract of sorghum contains polyphenols which improve insulin sensitivity.

* Regular consumption of jowar is entwined with the prevention of cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks.

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