Prev Reddy ‘Aunty Shamilla’ Hijacking Ordeal

NEWS: South African entertainer and actor Prev Reddy revealed his traumatic ordeal of being a victim of hijacking. Reddy along with friends and family were driving to Johannesburg when the incident occurred, last week Friday evening.

The Durbanite recently made history by being the first South African Indian to be nominated at the upcoming 33rd annual Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.

In a social media post, Prev Reddy explained his ordeal where himself and 3 others were hijacked by men parading as police officers. They were taken for a joyride to a deserted location where they were held at gunpoint for two hours, while having packets placed over their heads.

All possessions including clothes and their vehicle were stolen leaving Reddy and his friends deserted. They managed to find a road and seek help.

Reddy assured his fans that he is doing well and aims to deliver with his upcoming shows despite his ordeal.

Have a look at his Prev Reddy’s social media post from Sunday evening here

Hey everyone,

Friday night on my way to Johannesburg, my cousin and 2 of our friends were hijacked by 4 guys parading as the “police” and taken to the middle of nowhere. We were held at gun point with bags over our heads for 2 hours. Our valuables, clothes and vehicle was stolen and we were left there. We eventually managed to find a road and get help.

I am okay, we are okay. Still in shock but taking a few days off. The show will go on as planned next week but there will be no videos this week🙏🏽

Netizens react to Prev Reddy’s hijacking

We hope Shamilla, Baboo and everyone else give him the time to recover. Speedy recovery Prev!

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