Crossmoor Transport Alvin Naicker Caught On Video Attacking Staffer

DURBAN: Tensions flare at the family-business of Crossmoor Transport as a video of Sandra Moonsamy’s brother Alvin Naicker assaulting a staffer has gone viral.

The transport empire’s director Alvin Naicker is seen attacking a Crossmoor Transport staffer. It is unknown as to what caused Naicker to become violent and netizens are furious, see reactions here on the Facebook group Mischief n Mayhem.

Watch the video here

A family empire on the brink of disaster

A Sunday Times story had earlier revealed that the Pinetown businesswoman returned to a multibillion-rand family business empire that is allegedly a tangled web of debt.

Meanwhile last month, the courts were informed that one of the the four men accused of kidnapping Naicker’s sister Sandra Moonsamy, 45, has an international warrant of arrest for him.

State Prosecutor Kuveshni Pillay reiterated to the court that the names and photographs of the accused cannot be published, as there is a second investigation underway by another police unit.  The four accused, aged between 30 and 34, face charges of kidnapping, extortion and attempted murder were expected to apply for on February 25th. Accused number two abandoned his bail as there is a international warrant for his arrest. Further details were not made available. 

Moonsamy, a mother of two and financial at Crossmoor Transport Plant, was kidnapped and held for ransom. After intense police investigations a breakthrough was made and she was rescued six months later in Witbank on November 7. 

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