“Be A Man Omar” Mom Of Two Slams ‘Negligent’ Dad

PARENTING: Modern technology has often come to the rescue of those in need. From fulfilling a 12-year-old patient’s dream to consoling players, the digital world is a boon for many. However, sometimes it’s a hilarious place that gives rise to peculiar situations.

Like, recently, a twitter user caught sight of roadside signboards (seemingly posted by Omar’s irate partner) talking about a man named Omar, reports News18. The posts seemed to call out the man for being an irresponsible dad. While most of us might think, “What’s in a name?”, these signboards were asking a certain ‘Omar’ to man up and be a father.

Have a look at the tweet shared by twitter user Elle Jones:

The message on the boards caught the attention of many people online. It was asking a man named Omar to buckle up and take responsibility for his 2 kids. However, as there was no mention of who this ‘Omar’ person was, people started taking wild guesses and tagging any Omar in their friend list.

Have a look at the hilarious confusion as people tagged ‘Omar’ in the thread:

While we on the topic of Omar. another chain of events have rippled in the case of Theshen Naicker vs Imran Omar. Now it seems that the legal firms are at loggerheads with each other over the use of the word ‘moffie’ in court. 

Well, we don’t know who this guy is but he better take ownership of his children soon. Hello Omar, are you listening?

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