Aunty Sheila Harassment Application Against Imran Omar Dismissed

On Monday the Durban court had dismissed the harassment application submitted by Naicker against Omar with costs.

NEWS: It seems Durban food enthusiast Imran Omar has finally managed to get a leg over Durban actor Theshen Naicker aka ‘Aunty Sheila’ in their latest appearance in court. The Durban socialites have been involved in a case relating to an alleged assault matter that occurred in 2019.

Naicker had also sought a Protection from Harassment order against Imran Omar following the alleged assault in August 2019. On Monday the Durban court had dismissed the Theshen Naicker’s harassment application with costs. Naicker’s application comes in light of the incident in 2019 where Omar allegedly pinned Naicker up against a wall at an industry event at a Durban hotel.

The Durban food enthusiast Imran Omar has from the outset denied all allegations levelled against him.

Naicker served as the catalyst for what happened

Naicker’s affidavit stated that there was no prior issue between himself and the couple since April 2019. On the night of the incident Naicker claims Imran Omar pinned him on a wall at the Durban hotel threatening to smash his face while calling him a “moffie.” Imran Omar denied the allegations leveled against him having previously stated Naicker was looking for “publicity” from the alleged incident. According to Omar he asked Naicker not to speak to him and denies using the word “moffie.”

Two witness statements accompanied Naicker’s affidavit supporting his claims saying that incident in question has “left feeling unsafe and humiliated.”

In passing judgment the court had found that Naicker’s application for protection carried no substance despite the two accompanying witness statements. The court found that it was Naicker’s first contact with Omar that served as the catalyst for what followed thereafter in that moment. The court also noted that in the past seven months following that alleged assault that there has been no interaction or repeat acts from Omar while no interim protection order was in place. The application was dismissed, with Naicker having to pay the costs. 

Theasen Pillay of TPA Legal and Theshen Naicker aka Aunty Sheila was did not respond to queries.

Indian Spice reached out to Imran Omar on Monday evening however he declined to comment and directed all queries to his lawyer, Faizel Kara who is yet to release a statement.

On the work front Theshen Naicker has postponed his much-anticipated ‘Aunty Sheila goes to court’ shows and Imran is busy with Appetite.

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