Netflix Streaming Free During Isolation Scam

NEWS: A series of false messages are being circulated on social media and chat streams claiming the Netflix stream platform is offering free access to people in lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic if they visit a specific link.

Sorry naina it’s not happening, it’s false news, stop spreading that link to everyone. Here’s one message we received on the Indian Spice whatsapp service this morning,

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WTF is naina: If you wondering what naina means well, in Telugu and Tamil languate this word “naina” means “father.”  With the coronavirus outbreak spreading across the globe, streaming audiences are looking for movies with a similar theme.

Speaking to a Netflix spokesperson, Business Insider confirmed that the company has not offered free access during around the coronavirus pandemic lockdown. The stream giant has always remained a useful source to initiate phishing schemes that sometimes successfully allows users to give up their personal data in the past. Scammers have tried to lure Netflix users with emails that claim the billing information on their accounts need to be updated, among other schemes.

Twitter users posted on Monday about messages they received that claimed Netflix was offering free passes.

“I got this sent to me. Is it true?,” one tweet said. “Due to the CoronaVirus pandemic worldwide, @netflix is ​giving free passes for their platform during the period of isolation. Run on the site cause it will end quick!”

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