AdiShakti Media Sees Shift To Barter Deals Through Changed Circumstances

Representative Image Source: MICHAEL PARMELEE/CBS

During this challenging period, all businesses are facing severe impact and it gets worse for small enterprises. Drastic changes to business models have become imperative in order to survive as we go into lockdown in Southern Africa.

AdiShakti Media has taken the decision to open up our resources and services to to support businesses ranging from the small home-industry all the way to the agency and corporate sector. Over the past two weeks, we have fielded messages from desperate businesses that are experiencing pressure. Some companies are retrenching while others want to keep afloat. With this in mind, Adishakti Media has moved to extend our resources of marketing support, content writing and now also offering advertising at a reduced plan on Indian Spice’s ecosystem to small, medium and corporate business including on a barter-basis trade deal.

This will be ongoing relief program to support all businesses during the crisis of the coronavirus pandemic.

Some key insights

Indian Spice’s online search analysis within our audience ecosystem has revealed an uptake in various search terms related to consumer goods, property sales, surprisingly travel information for 2021 & the number one search trend has been hygiene-related products.

With these key insights, Indian Spice has balanced a delivery of lifestyle news stories and promotions essential consumer goods. This trend of demand and consumption related to lifestyle and and digital news content will likely continue for the rest of the period of 2020 which also means an opportunity to for your business to generate an income while the economy slows down.

The primary underlying demand by our audiences across our ecosystem is a desire to remain informed about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and how this will affect their day to day lives. How has your company & brand has contributing to easing the strain placed on consumers during this growing coronavirus pandemic? The South African consumer expects 110% commitment from brands like yours including keeping them informed.

  • Do they know about your changes to business operations and how you as a business are taking their needs into consideration.
  • When was the last time you posted a message on your social media streams showing concern for your customers and their families during this coronavirus pandemic.
  • Did you offer special discounts to help customers during this trying time?
  • What have you done to make life easier?
  • Did you offer delivery of goods to help people still get their products from you and what about online transactions?

These actions by any business speaks volumes and are incredibly positive touch-points that create a sense of connect with your potential next customer and entrenching your commitment to your existing clientele. The current shock has driven the traditional buyer to resort to online purchases and browsing for future investments, shopping and other actions later. These are the following core searches that have been flagged as high-interest, 

  • Streaming movie content guides for Showmax, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and Alt Balaji networks
  • Coronavirus pandemic related news
  • Fast moving consumer goods (primarily canned goods, ready-to-eat products, vegan products, vegetarian & soya  product, rice, meat pricing)
  • Discounted offers online, refund process during coronavirus period and in-store specials during coronavirus pandemic- Health related products
  • Wedding suppliers still come up high in search, wedding planning never ends for a bridal couple

Should you wish to explore opportunities to keep your business afloat, drop Derek an email here now or whatsapp here and let us see how we help each other out on a 50% barter and 50% booking deal payable over flexible period that works for you.

Come up with 100% barter offers and we will crossmap you with someone who needs your services or if it is something that we require at Indian Spice. We can get through this trying period all we need to do is work together!

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