Durban Racist: ‘Coolie B*stard, Please Put Me On Facebook’

NEWS: The South African Indian community are outraged as another racist rant in Durban has gone viral on social media.

The incident reportedly occurred in Berea, Durban where tempers flared between two drivers. In a video that has surfaced a woman is seen questioning another driver who is recording the incident that is unravelling. The woman makes a series of outbursts of racist terms calling the Indian driver a ‘coolie b*stard’.

She uttered the word ‘coolie’ four times with passion asking for the video to be posted on social media, well here you are Tannie (Aunty) we have obliged. Please step forward to accept your award from the South African Indian community.


Watch the video below

Soon after this story was published, Cathie Geldenhuys issued an apology to the South African Indian community. Geldenhuys was identified by social media users as the woman who used derogatory racist terms against a South African Indian man describing him as a ‘coolie bastard.’ She uttered the word four times as she attempted to drive off after the confrontation.

This is a developing story.

For many in the South African Indian community, the word ‘coolie’ is a painful reminder of a troubled history of indentured Indian labourer in South Africa. Click here to read more

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  1. Is shocking that these racist pigs think the are elite.if you are a mother you are a disgrace to your useless piece of shit.well it this prove what poor upbringing u should be ashamed of yourself.hope u go to jail.

    • If that is her mentality rest assured her kids and grandkids have the same mentality.

      The apology is obviously motivated by the fact that her wish was granted and her true colors has been shown to the Greater South Africa.

      So sad we have to live with this sort of Trash.

  2. I am an indian, and very proud of who I am and love this country, people with racist attitudes, who actually demonstrates it, must face the fill might of the law. There is zero excuse for showing racism or being racist in this country given our past history of apartheid. Please make sure this lady is formally charged and/or reported to relevant authorities and she MUST NOT get away with the behavior she showed.

    • Hi , yes it is inexcusable for the way this woman behaved, it is good that she apologized via social media. , But everyone does not say anything when you have the likes of the EFF and the communist party the ANC shouting kill the boer . One bullet one farmer on national tv or any other slogans against the coloured or Indian communities. Then everyone has nothing to say. There was racism in the apartheid era, now it is just reversed against ,whites Indians and the coloured people of South Africa.

  3. I’m sure she can be charge . These terms were outlawed. Make her more famous with a court order. Thanks

  4. I hope sge gets what sge deserves this time. I have many indian friends and can just imagine how they must feel.

  5. Government needs to now come to the party and deal with this woman. When others used racist words they was taken to task and they even apologize but still was taken to task so why should she. She never offend only the driver she had a rage with but every Indian that watch that video and we has Indian won’t stand for it. She had the audacity to say post it and now comes with and apology, it does not work like that. Just like how every other person that used a racist slang was dealt with so should this woman. Let see if government takes her to task.

  6. This is nothing in some political party ,they use the c….word when they caucus among themselves , and in front of you , they act non racist .but indirectly they will oppress you .and they use the illiterate non white by promoting them into position without creditionals
    and experiences to achieve their racist goal.your home work to check all political parties before you support them.NB this racist person to be named and shamed .RACIALISM STILL EXISTS AT ALL LEVEL THIS HAS TO STOP BY UNITING AGAINST RACISISM AND INDIRECT OPPRESSORS.

  7. What a stupid woman, clearly no self respect or dignity, says more about her than the person she is insulting. Sis lady I suggest you learn some manners before you leave your house again!!!

    • She should fined should br locked up.and put with Indians in jail

      • We going through worse of crisis in our country what shame !!!shame on you white lady may the law take you to the highest court and strip you of your pride

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