‘I Want To Smash My Husband’s Face’, Mom During Coronavirus Lockdown

There are many people around the world under coronavirus lockdown and using your time productively can be a difficult task. Especially if you’re a mom who looks after little toddlers, does the household chores and takes care of almost everything in the house.

So, in order to capture the struggle of self-isolating with a family, a woman from London has come up with an epic parody. Parenting blogger Victoria Emes has created a hysterical self-isolating take on Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I Will Survive’, reports Daily Mail. The mum-of-two sang about how homeschooling and spending too much time with her partner is going, amid the lockdown.

Have a look at the hilarious video:

In the video, she can be seen moving through various rooms in her house. She sings about things that we all can surely relate to. She says how she was petrified to stay home but now spends her day stuffing her face with food. (Just like most of us)

She even sings about the toilet roll issue and how having basic essentials is a must in these troubled times.

She jokingly sings about how she wants to smash her husband’s head and how she has canceled her kids home school schedule.

She goes on to sing how we will survive as we have the internet (And, also lots of gin).

Several people enjoyed her relatable AF video:

Well, this hilarious song surely made us laugh. We hope the mother-of-two gets some well-deserved rest after this.