Customer Leaves 178K In ‘Tips’ For Restaurant Staff Before Lockdown

NEWS: With several countries imposing a lockdown to curb the spread of the coronavirus, many people who earn daily have been left distraught. However, many have stepped up to help such people make their ends meet until the lockdown is lifted.

One such kind soul is an unknown customer who left a tip of 10,000 USD (7.5 Lakh INR approx) at a restaurant in Florida to be distributed amongst its staff members, reports Hindustan Times. The incident happened a day before the state mayor asked all restaurants to shut down.

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The owner of Skillets, the place where it happened, revealed that the customer handed the money in cash to the manager of the restaurant, asking him to distribute it evenly amongst the staff members.

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There were a total of 20 employees working at Skillets and they all received 500 USD (37,500 INR approx) each.

According to NBC, the owner spoke about the customer and said, “We have regulars who have been coming in forever, and they’re our friends but we don’t always know their names. We know their faces, their orders, their favourite tables, but we don’t know exactly who they are.”

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However, this one customer isn’t the only one who surprised them with his kindness. The owner of Skillets revealed that many servers received big tips from other customers in the past few weeks. Ever since the coronavirus crisis, the Skillets has been forced to lay off 90% of its employees due to lack of funds. All restaurants were asked to close down.

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Salute to such people who come to the aid of the helpless! Humanity and kindness are what will get us all through this tough time.

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