Harsh Punishment Against Cathie Geldenhuys Demanded Say Political Parties

DURBAN NEWS: Cathie Geldenhuys went from obscurity to unwanted stardom following her racist rant against a fellow South African driver of Indian origin.

The incident had gone viral garnering a slew of reactions from the South African Indian community. The woman identified as Cathie Geldenhuys used the term ‘coolie’ four times while being shot on video asking for the video to be shared on Facebook.

South African political parties open case against Geldenhuys

Now the Minority Front ‘s councillor Jonathan Annipen in an interview with Newsbreak Lotus FM this morning, 31 March, confirmed that a case has been opened against Cathie Geldenhuys for her racist utterances. Annipen also confirmed that a complaint has been laid with the South African Human Rights Commission along with other parties who have also lodged cases against Geldenhuys.

Bradley Singh of the Democratic Alliance (DA) also laid charges against Cathie Geldenhuys for hate speech.


A few days ago, a video surfaced ok Facebook which showed a middle aged woman call another driver a “coolie” in what appeared to be a road rage incident. Since that video surfaced, thousands of people of Indian origin have taken to social media to express their anger at her conduct. I have taken the liberty of formally laying criminal charges against Ms Cathie Geldenhuys for her conduct. The fact that she issued a apology afterwards is an indication that the recognized the seriousness of her unacceptable conduct. Notwithstanding this apology, I hope that the harshest possible punishment would be handed down to her.There is simply no place for racists in our society and the laws in our land protect the dignity and rights of all South Africans regardless of their race.

I trust that the courts will send a strong message to her when the matter is dealt with and hope that her punishment will set another example for other citizens to conduct themselves in a respectful manner.

Bradley Singh on Facebook

Despite efforts made by Geldenhuys to apologize for her actions the South African Indian community are demanding that she be prosecuted like other convicted racists Momberg and the late Penny Sparrow.

In the case of Adam Catzavelos and his racist rant, the impact of his utterances drove his family-owned business to buckle under pressure from the public. Catzavelos was fined R50 000 or two years’ imprisonment, both wholly suspended for five years, for using the k-word in a video while on holiday in Greece with his family.

Indian Spice has made efforts to reach Geldenhuys who has not responded to our queries.

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