Coronavirus President Cyril Ramaphosa Nation Address Live Stream

NEWS: The second nation address update by President Cyril Ramaphosa was postponed last night following ongoing meetings with the national command council over the coronavirus pandemic in South Africa. The president will be addressing the nation tonight, 23 March 2020, Minister in the Presidency, Jackson Mthembu confirmed the nation address in a tweet.

Just over a week ago, Ramaphosa declared the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic ‘a national disaster’ that sparked mass panic buying from citizens. The government moved to apply limiting the number of people at gatherings up to a maximum of 100, with limited operations at restaurants, bars and taverns. Licensed liquor outlets were also limited in terms of timings of the sale of alcohol. 

Covid-19: Ramaphosa meets with business stakeholders

Ramaphosa met with senior business leaders other engagements include:

“These leaders will have an opportunity to outline the impact of the disaster on business and the economy at large and engage recommendations to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus outbreak. The political leaders meeting the president today are also likely to deliver some of their own statements.”

“Afterwards, a meeting of the National Command Council will consider regulations on our current state of disaster, and other measures to protect the country. Ramaphosa will then address the nation in a message that will be broadcast on radio, television and an online live stream.”

“On the outlook for the period ahead, the Council will consider whether the measures that are currently in place to contain the spread of the virus are sufficient and what further measures are required,” the presidency said.

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