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Imran Omar Harassment Case VS Theshen Naicker Final Judgement

COURTS: The harassment case relating to Durban food lover Imran Omar and Theshen Naicker aka ‘Aunty Sheila‘ has created much conversation.

Recently, the Durban court found that the application made by Theshen Naicker for a protection order was unreasonable and that he (Naicker) had acted ” vexatiously in persisting with his application” for the interdict in the Harassment Court. The matter was dismissed with costs in favour of Imran Omar and Theshen Naicker plans to appeal the judgement. While this case goes on, there’s another chain of dramas that have rippled in this case of Theshen Naicker vs Imran Omar.

You can read more about this judgement as Imran Omar’s lawyer Faizel Kara explains how his client (Omar) “who together with members of his family have been lambasted on social media for the alleged act.”

Here’s the full copy of the Theshen Naicker v Imran Omar harassment judgement for you to read

Lisa Sukdev, spokesperson for TPA Legal commented,

“Both Theshen Naicker and Theasen Pillay are shocked at the judgment passed in court, in the Protection order matter.  Theshen is extremely emotional and distraught feeling that the justice system has failed him. Theasen Pillay has confirmed,  The matter is being taken up on appeal. This is a travesty of justice and far from the end of the road in this matter. No stone will be left unturned in securing Theshen the justice he truly deserves.”

Theshen Naicker currently has other cases pending against Durban food lover Omar at the Equality court and a complaint lodged with the South African Human Rights Council (SAHRC).

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