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SA Hindu Bodies Cancel Religious Events As Coronavirus Crisis Grows

SOUTH AFRICA: In line with President Cyril Ramaphosa’s nation-address, the South African Hindu Maha Sabha along with other South African religious bodies have called for an immediate ban on gatherings and activities.

The iconic Ratha Yatra festival of chariots in Durban has also been cancelled.

The South African Hindu Maha Sabha has urged South African Hindu’s to take precautionary measures during this crisis period facing the world.

My humble vanakkams to all. Kindly take note… The executive of the Tamil Federation of Gauteng in line with the message of the President of South Africa wrt the Corona virus outbreak, are postponing/canceling all planned functions for March & April until further notice. We humbly request that everyone take the necessary safety precautions during this time. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Tamil Federation of Gauteng

Tamil Federation Gauteng New Year cancelled

Annually people of South Indian origin celebrate the Tamil New Year on April 14 but this year will see no large celebrations anywhere as the COVID-19 infection rate grows globally. The Tamil Federation of Gauteng has cancelled the much-anticipated Tamil News and all related functions for the period of March and April 2020.

South African event companies like Blu Blood have postponed their events across the world. For the latest on the coronavirus pandemic click here.

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