Meerusha Govender ‘Koelie P*es’ Taunt After Cathie Geldenhuys ‘Coolie B*stard’ Saga

NEWS: The Durban woman Cathie Geldenhuys racism saga has also brought out the racist tendencies of another social media user known as Jo Van Eeden.

Meerusha Govender of Gauteng has become the latest South African of Indian origin to be harassed by a white South African woman after making an enquiry over face masks on the Benoni Facebook community group. Govender was taunted and addressed as a ‘koelie p*es’ by a Jo Van Eeden.

In a Facebook post on 30 March Gauteng resident Meerusha Govender shared the story yet again following ongoing harassment by Jo Van Eeden.

Govender’s Facebook post stated,

So guys most of you will remember the crap I went through when I asked for Masks and Gloves on the Benoni website and got told “if u are meant to die, u will, nothing stop this virus.”

I replied saying “nobody asked for sick sarcasm” and then I GOT called a KOELIE POES!!!! I went ahead to expose this woman on Facebook resulting in her getting death threats towards her and her family. She then got someone to send me messages stating they will lay charges against me if I don’t take it down.At first I didn’t want to but realised I have bigger shit like this VIRUS to worry about and took it down. This was many many days ago. After doing that and still telling her I’m sorry about the death threats.

This woman has the audacity to go and threaten MY MOTHER today!!!! So I am going to out the post back up and I am going to show u what she sent to my mother as well. I love how she tells my mother she is getting threats just for telling me “if your are meant to die, u will, nothing can stop this virus.”

Yet fails to mention she is getting those threat for calling me a THAT NAME.

Meerusha Govender on Facebook

How it all started

Govender took to social media sharing her experience of being a victim to racial slurs by Van Eeden earlier. Following her social media post, Van Eeden claims to have had threats on her life. Govender then opted to remove her social media post and apologised to the racist Van Eeden for sharing her experience. However the situation exacerbated further as Van Eeden attempted to threaten Govender’s mother.

Van Eeden has not apologised for calling Govender a ‘koelie p*es’ and now the incident has been shared again on social media after Govender’s mother was harassed.

Durban woman Cathie Geldenhuys in hot water for ‘Coolie B*stard’ now she faces charges of crimen injuria laid by the Minority Front and Democratic Alliance click here for the story

Here’s the message sent by Van Eeden calling her a ‘koelie p*es’ that sparked the harassment.

Van Eeden has closed her social media profiles following Govender’s post going viral. Govender speaking to Indian Spice stated, “Even if I don’t lay charges people need to know what she is and what she has done.”

Van Eeden did not respond to queries by Indian Spice.

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