Recipe: Masala Vada The South African Version

RECIPE: The veteran investigative journalist Devi Sankaree loves her traditional food and one of her favourite traditional foods is ‘Vada’ which is a delicious Indian snack or as part of a full meal. This traditional Indian savoury split-pea snack is a round flattened mixture that is deep fried which serves as a tasty compliment to a meal or as a stand alone snack.

You might recall on your own experiences at religious gatherings where those Indian aunties – who are responsible for the snacks – would be so stingy when they hand these delicious snacks out. It’s only 2 per person according to those ‘veddeh aunties.’

Now that Chilli Bitten has learnt the art of ‘veddeh’ making, those aunties can keep their stash. Some frequently asked questions below for you,

vedde indian snack recipe
Chilli Bitten’s Veddeh
What green leaves can be added to the ‘veddeh’ snack

curry, coriander, dill and mint aka pudina leaves. By adding in your favourite herbs for your veddeh only increases the nutritional value of the Indian snack.

What’s the secret to crunchy masala vadas?

Coarse grind the chana dal, green leaves and other ingredients as detailed in the relevant step below.

Chilli Bitten’s Veddeh Recipe

  1. Grind these ingredients together

    – Jeera 1 x tsp
    – Dry Chillies x 3
    – green chillies x 2
    – Masala x ½ tsp

  2. Making the Veddeh batter

    1 x cup Chana dhal
    ½ x cup Pea dhal
    1 x Onion, finely chopped
    1 x tbsp. Fresh Dhania aka coriander chopped
    ¾ x tsp Small Jeera
    ½ x tsp Baking Powder
    ¾ x tsp Salt
    1 x Mashed, bruised banana

    Alternatives you may add are grated carrots for extra nutritional punch!

  3. Method:

    Soak the two dhal elements together in hot water overnight
    Drain excess water and remember to not pat dry
    Grind the dhal till slightly course and set aside
    Add all the ingredients for the veddeh batter and 3 tsp of the veddeh spices
    Mix everything together until combined
    Break off a small piece and roll into a ball
    Flatten slightly in the palm of your hand
    Deep fry in hot oil on a medium heat until golden brown
    Remove from the oil and drain on a paper towel

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