Stream Guide: Ten Feel Good Movies During Lockdown

For some people, TV shows are a medium to escape into a world, free from the worries of their daily life. During the 21-day lockdown that most citizens are undergoing due to the coronavirus outbreak, here’s a list of movies you should watch now to cheer yourselves up:

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Netflix

A sitcom about a bunch of police officers in a New York precinct, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is continuously funny. The performances are great, and the uniquely written characters never let you get bored.

The Good Place: Netflix

This show is about Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell), who finds herself in The Good Place in her afterlife. The Good Place is where good people go after they die. Oh, but it is only Eleanor who knows that she may not be so good after all. To remain in the place, which is a community of scores of people, she hides her true identity – a selfish, uncaring and rude loner. The show is cleverly written and does not have the dreaded laugh track. The humour is amazingly subtle, and the performances are really good. If you are not watching The Good Place, you are missing out on a lot.

The Office: Amazon Prime Video

The Office is one of the funniest TV shows you will ever watch. Sure, the comedy in the show can be quite cringe-worthy, but it is still superb. You will not finish this series before the lockdown is over no matter how hard you try.

Seinfeld: Amazon Prime Video

Jerry Seinfeld plays his own fictionalised version in this show which is considered to be an influential sitcom.

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Hotstar

Larry David plays his own fictionalised version in this HBO series. The show is uproariously funny, and it really brings out the talent of the writer behind Seinfeld.

Modern Love: Amazon Prime Video

A romantic anthology series that dramatises the real-life love stories from the New York Times’ column of the same name, Modern Love explores love in all its forms.

This is Us: Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video

An endearing family drama, This is Us weaves a charming tale of a dysfunctional family. A beautiful show where characters seem to have a life of their own instead of being controlled by the strings in the hands of the creators. The show does have its dark moments, but its essence is that of love and family.

Big Mouth: Netflix

This animated show explores puberty and the changes it brings in people. All the messiness, confusion, amusement and even horror we all experienced when we begin to notice these changes within ourselves.

Veep: Hotstar

Veep, the political satire series created by the king of satire Armando Iannucci and led by the queen of comedy Julia Louis-Dreyfus, has its unique brand of comedy that grows on you.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: Amazon Prime Video

An Amy Sherman-Palladino creation, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel stars Rachel Brosnahan as a housewife with talent in stand-up comedy. The series is set in 1950s New York. It is about a young Jewish woman Miriam whose husband leaves her after confessing that he has been having an affair.

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