Stream Guide: Best Movies And Web Series – April 12

The Indian Spice Stream Guide serves you the latest web series and movies to enjoy on Showmax, Disney+ Hotstar, Netflix, Yupp TV, Amazon Prime Video, SonyLIV, ALTBalaji, ZEE5, Voot Select. The two dominating streaming services in South Africa are Netflix and Showmax with streaming users opting to subscribe to both in order to access the widest range of content possible.

Netflix has been leading in terms of content from television, Hollywood and Indian cinemas Bollywood and South Indian film content. A wide rage of reality shows like the controversially popular Tiger King, hard-hitting documentaries, drama, comedy, animated movies, spine-chilling horror films, thrillers, you will find something to tickle your fancy.

Depending on the South African stream viewer’s mood for either reruns of Game of Thrones, Westworld, and His Dark Materials on Showmax or streaming Netflix for Stranger Things, Black Mirror, and The Witcher.

Despite the global lockdown, new content is releasing almost every day on streamers. So even if you do not like what was already there, or have already enjoyed it, there is always something new to watch.

Our selection of streaming movies and series

Annihilation: Netflix

A mysterious quarantined zone is affected by an alien phenomenon that is mutating creatures and landscapes inside it. The zone is surrounded by a shimmering electromagnetic field and it is thus called the Shimmer. The zone is getting larger and larger and the US government believes that it would one day surround the whole world if not stopped. This film has elements of science fiction, horror, and mystery. Its denouement is a gorgeous interplay between mind-bending visuals and incongruous electronic notes.  

Bright: Netflix

In an alternate reality where fantasy creatures like elves, orcs, centaurs, and so on co-exist uneasily with humans, Will Smith plays a cop called Daryl Ward who has been saddled with, to his bad fortune, an orc Nick Jakoby (Joel Edgerton) for a partner – the first ever orc to be a Los Angeles cop. Jakoby is looked down upon by both humans and orcs. Humans, because he is an orc. Orcs, because he is working with the police department, an institution that victimises their race.      

Elementary: Amazon Prime Video

Elementary is a contemporary retelling of  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s character Sherlock Holmes starring Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes and Lucy Liu as Dr. Joan Watson. The show follows Holmes, a recovering drug addict and former consultant to Scotland Yard, as he assists the New York City Police Department in solving crimes, where he is joined by Dr Watson.

War of the Worlds: Amazon Prime Video

Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of HG Wells’ novel of the same name, War of the Worlds sees an invasion by the Martians. Tom Cruise stars as a longshoreman who witnesses the invasion directly. Scores of people are disintegrated by the Martian war machines called Tripods that emerge from beneath the earth. War of the Worlds is a non-stop thriller that never lets up.

Supernatural: Amazon Prime Video

Two brothers hunt down ghosts, vampires and other monsters skulking across the United States. The concept itself gets old very quickly, but the characters don’t.    

Care of Kancharapalem: Netflix

The movie tells us it is human nature to act irrationally sometimes. We make grave mistakes that we can’t undo. Humans are flawed and ever-evolving. All we can do is we can learn from our past mistakes, make peace with them and master the art of forgiving ourselves. 

Vada Chennai: Hotstar

The Indian Express’ film critic Manoj Kumar gave this film a 5-star rating and says no other filmmaker in India could have captured the true essence of Vada Chennai so precisely.

“It is not the story that stands out in Vada Chennai. It is how beautifully Vetrimaaran has captured the lifestyle of a place, which is so close and yet so far away from the advancement of modern civilization. Vetrimaaran, who is also the writer, keeps you trapped in the underbelly of the city’s dark corners that is crawling with bloodthirsty criminals.”

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency: Netflix

This one is among the weirder and eccentric shows. Frodo of Lord of the Rings movies, Elijah Wood, plays an everyman whose life is turned into a veritable whirlwind a flamboyantly British ‘holistic’ detective; holistic because he believes everything in the universe to be interconnected. And indeed, he has a seemingly preternatural ability. The feel of the show is like from one of the more strange comic-books from the 80s came to life. The story is loosely based on the writings of the great Douglas Adams.

Something in the Rain: Netflix

Starring Son Ye-Jin and Jung Hae-in, Something in the Rain is a beautiful, light-hearted rom-com. The show focuses on an unconventional relationship between a 30-something woman and a man who is in his mid-20s. The lead actors’ chemistry in the show is so genuine that you cannot help but root for them. The show delves into their struggle with the age difference, breaking the taboo around it and subsequently, finding the courage to go public with it. There is also a fantastic sub-plot that highlights the various problems faced by women in the corporate world of South Korea. A definite must-watch.

Vikings: Netflix

Michael Hirst’s creation, Vikings is a depiction of the ancient Scandinavian raiders whose influence once extended to Africa in south and the Americas in the west. This TV series has a intriguingly shifty protagonist in Ragnar Lothbrok, based on a real life vikings. This show is chock full of complex characters who resemble actual humans instead of characters in a TV series. If all that is not enough to lure you in, this superb trailer sure will.

Twin Peaks: Hotstar

Twin Peaks lasted for only two seasons during its original run but is still remembered as one of the best horror mysteries to have come out on television. Starring Kyle MacLachlan, the show first premiered in 1990. Twin Peaks is set in the town of Twin Peaks where a dead body is discovered under strange circumstances. FBI agent Dale Cooper is assigned the case but what he discovers during the investigation leaves the audience shell-shocked. A third season was ordered by Showtime in 2017.

Train to Busan: Netflix

If you love zombies and zombie movies, you cannot go wrong with this South Korean thriller.

Shahid: YouTube, Eros Now, SonyLIV

Shahid, a biopic, is based on the real-life story of slain human rights lawyer Shahid Azmi. He fought cases for the poor and innocent who were jailed or arrested on the charges of being terrorists. In 2010, he was gunned down while defending Fahim Ansari, accused in the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. Even though Azmi was a hero for the innocents he saved, Mehta doesn’t portray him as a hero or a saint in the biopic. Shahid is a must-watch for its gripping narrative and effective performance.

Snoopy in Space: Apple TV+

What’s not to love about a series of 12 animated shorts featuring Charlie Brown and the beloved Peanuts gang. Snoopy fulfills his dreams and embarks on his next big adventure: becoming a NASA astronaut. Joined by Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts gang, Snoopy takes command of the International Space Station and explores the moon and beyond.

A Series of Unfortunate Events: Netflix

This show is based on the children book series of the same name and follows two young siblings as they try to protect themselves and their fortune from the devilish Count Olaf (played with a menacing glee by the inimitable Neil Patrick Harris). The series is the right mix of horror and comedy and you scarcely mind the improbability of the events unfolding before you, since it is incredibly entertaining.

iZombie: Netflix

If only the zombies in The Walking Dead knew they would not lose their wits if they had a ready supply of human brains. At least that is the premise if this show, which is equal parts horrifying and funny (uproariously so). If you liked zombie comedies like Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Lost: Netflix

Despite its controversial ending, ABC’s Lost is still the definitive science-fiction drama show. The series had complex mythology whose details were revealed teasingly, bit by bit. The show also provided ample backstories of major characters through flashbacks that made them more fleshed-out than characters in other epic TV series.

Altered Carbon

If your consciousness, practically the real ‘you’, can be converted to code, then the possibilities are endless, and not all of them pleasant. This is the premise of cyberpunk series Altered Carbon. The second season is streaming now.

See: Apple TV

A virus has decimated humankind. Those who survived emerged blind. Jason Momoa stars as the father of twins born centuries later with the mythic ability to see—who must protect his tribe against a threatened queen. Alfre Woodard also stars.    

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Reality shows, documentaries, dramas, comedies, animations, horror films, thrillers — they’re all there. This spring will add even more to the repertoire, with several new shows and movies coming in March, April, and May.Netflix has all types of content in both the TV and film world. Reality shows, documentaries, dramas, comedies, animations, horror films, thrillers — they’re all there. This spring will add even more to the repertoire, with several new shows and movies coming in March, April, and May.

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