Indian Mom Skips Maternity Leave To Serve India’s People During Crisis

Placing the Indian nation first, IAS officer G Srijana, refused maternity leave and resumed work just 22 days after having a baby.

INDIA NEWS: Alongside healthcare workers and police officials, government officers are also playing an important role in the nation’s fight against the coronavirus crisis. They too make themselves susceptible to the virus by showing up at work and sacrifice time with their families to serve their fellow citizens.

Setting an example of putting the nation before anything else, an IAS officer, G Srijana, refused her maternity leave and resumed work just 22 days after having a baby boy, reports Hindustan Times.

An IAS officer is responsible for maintenance of law and order, revenue administration and general administration in the area under him. Functions of an IAS officer broadly include: Collection of revenue and function as Courts in revenue matters. Maintenance of law and order.

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She is currently serving as the Commissioner of Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC).

When asked about how does she manage work and looking after her baby simultaneously, she revealed how both her lawyer-husband and mother take turns to look after the newborn. She takes a break every four hours to feed her son.

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According to a report by News18, the IAS officer spoke about taking the necessary precautions to keep the baby safe and healthy amidst the pandemic.

“Taking every precaution with the baby. I keep the baby with me in a very protected environment for feeding and nurturing.”

She also went on to add how such critical times demands her to show up at work and perform her duty towards the country.

People on the internet are lauding the woman for her dedication towards her job as an IAS officer and as a mother:

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